Happy New Year everyone! I’m so excited for a fresh start and especially a whole new work ethic. I know I have pretty much abandoned my blog this past year but I am ready to get back at it with tons of new content. I figured it was more than fitting to kick off 2020 with a post on all of my favorite office supplies that helps me stay motivated through out the year. Favorites: Erin Condren Life Planner: this planner is completely customizable and something I cannot live without. The vertical layout is my fave! Marble Stapler: Absolutely love the colors of this one and it looks super cute on any desk. Faber Castell Pens: These are my favorite pens for planning. They don’t bleed through and they come in an array of colors. Ball Point Pens: Love these, notably are they super cute but they write effortlessly. Ted… View Post

Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) star in the emotional rollercoaster of a movie, ‘Last Christmas.’ With the holidays right around the corner, this film is perfect for getting you in the spirit. Although it starts off slow, and if I am being completely honest, not that great, it’s the last half of the movie that really comes together. The whole plot of the movie was very well thought out and truly such a touching story. Let’s put it this way, half the theatre was in tears. The movie takes place in the streets of London where Kate (Clarke) works at a year-round Christmas store. Aside from her boss who isn’t too fond of her, she also struggles with depression and family problems, which cause her life to be one big mess! After meeting Tom (Golding,) a mysterious man who’s sweet, but also hard to… View Post

Good Boys, produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg hits theaters Friday, August 16th! The movie is a must-see and will have you laughing the ENTIRE time. I should have known it would have been one of the most funny movies I’ve seen in a while, considering the same makers of Pineapple Express and Superbad were involved. Max, (Jacob Tremblay,) Thor, (Brady Noon,) and Lucas, (Keith L. Williams) star as a group of sixth graders who just want to fit in and be popular. They get invited to their first ever kissing party, but have one problem… they don’t know how to kiss. The boys steal their parents drone, which is completely off limits to spy on older girls in hopes of learning some tips on kissing and end up crashing it. They then must replace the drone without their parents knowing, or else they will be grounded and be… View Post

I just recently got back from Maui, HI for my 26th birthday and all I can think about, well besides the gorgeous weather is THE FOOD! Holy cow was it amazing. Maui has some of the best food out of any of the places I’ve traveled with so many fresh ingredients and great restaurants, it’s hard not to be satisfied with your meal. There are so many places to pick from in Maui it’s hard to choose. I’ve put together an informative list complete with the best breakfast, lunch, dinner and best happy hour spots to help you out when traveling to the island. xoxo, -Sélah Breakfast: The Gazebo: Located at the Napili shores inn in Lahaina this small little breakfast spot is located on the most gorgeous beach overlooking bright blue water. Fantastic prices and the most amazing food is what makes this place a must! The service is… View Post

Between photo editing apps, shopping apps and everything in between I’ve put together some of my absolute favorites that you need to download ASAP! Snapseed: I love this app for editing photos. The brush tool is my all time fave. You can make your images super sharp and white or do any kind of basic image editing. The app is free and you can do so much with it! ABH ( A beautiful mess): This app is awesome for designing pic collages, adding text and symbols to photos and even creating your own quotes or backgrounds. It does cost a tiny penny, but it’s worth it. I’ve been using this app for a few years now and I love it! There’s not many others that do what this app does. Unfold: This is an amazing app for creating compelling insta stories with a great selection of templates. The font and… View Post