Summer 2022 Essentials

The best time of year is here and I’ve put together some of my must-have summer essentials guaranteed for the perfect season.

1.Mini fridge:

This is the cutest! I actually own this and use it for skincare but I love the fact that it can be used for some cold drinks on the beach as well.

2. Vintage cell pool float:

This is soooo adorable and textually super affordable compared to a lot of the others I’ve seen.

3. Brumate coozie:

These are an absolute must in the summer! They keep your drink ice cold for hours even in the hot sun!

4. Glow Oil:

Who doesn’t love a good summer glow? Also the fact that this has SPF in it is even better.

5. Pink recliner chair:

Love the color of this and the fact it has drink holders.

6. Mini cooler:

I also have this cooler and I use it ALL of the time. It’s super compact yet fits a decent amount of things and keeps everything cold.

7. Bech lounge chairs:

I love how sleek these are. They’re perfect for laying out on the beach so that you don’t have to lay on the sand. It’s a much more comfortable option than laying on a towel.

8. Beach Towel:

Super cute and a decent size

9. Beach tote:

This is waterproof and comes in a bunch of different colors.

10. Drink holder for the pool:

I love this! Especially for a pool party.

11. Sunglasses:

This is one of my favorite brands for sunglasses. Super affordable and these particular ones come in a bunch of different colors.

12. Lip SPF:

There’s nothing worse that burnt lips snd this tinted lip balm will help prevent that.

13. Pink mini pool:

This was way too adorable to not put on the list. Whether It be for your kids or you or even your pets, it’s perfect for the summer months.

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