Kaps Mixology 101 Class at Shift Lounge

A new and exciting Mixology class in Plymouth, MI is the perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon! Come create a memorable experience as you learn the ins and outs of mixology. Whether you’re interested in hosting a party of your own, or just looking for a fun date idea or activity with your best friend, Kaps classes are perfect for anyone!

Kap is a skilled bartender with over 25 years of experience and a passion for the art of mixology. His love for creating beautiful and tasty cocktails as well as his fun loving personality makes each class enjoyable for all who join.

Each class has the capacity for ten people making drinks. However, If one of the mixologists wants to bring a friend as a fellow taster or driver, they are more than welcome! They would simply share the drinks and food. Each class is $75 per ticket. With that, you will get to make three cocktails, enjoy an appetizer of your choice and receive a follow-up email with all of the cocktail recipes, techniques, and links to items that may have been used or videos of how- to’s if needed.

“Nobody is expected to take notes or remember all of the details. I got your back,” said Kap. “Currently I have been running classes on Sundays from 3 – 5 which nicely dovetails into us opening and the guests are welcome to stay and keep enjoying themselves. I have been asked to do events on Saturday afternoons as well as midweek events (Mondays and Tuesdays after work time). Those I am happy to organize if you have a group that is able to fill all 10 seats.”

To sign up for one of his classes you can visit KapsPourDecisions.com and he will send out an email when new classes are opened.

Q & A with Kap:

Q: What inspired you to start this cocktail class?

A: “I love experiences and memories, more than just “stuff.” I am always rambling to my son about this and thought it was time to do something myself where I helped people create memories more than just filling time. The spark was taking a cooking class while my girlfriend and I were in Rome. It was such a fun and unique night out. We loved it! We were sipping Prosecco and making food. Of course we messed stuff up as we learned new things but our chef was so kind and funny and knowledgeable, we just rolled with it all. My thought was, “I wish I could have dates like this back home, and how cool would it be if my brother and I were making these together?!” And there was the impetus of this little adventure. That, combined with my love of history and my day job as a corporate trainer, this felt like the perfect amalgamation of all of the things I do in my life. I wanted to demystify the world of “mixology” and make it fun and enjoyable to play and try new things, and above all, I wanted to help our guests have an amazing time laughing and learning and enjoying themselves.”

Q: What can people expect when signing up for one of your classes?

A: “An event like they’ve never had before. I pour my time into researching and creating themes and cocktails. For example, one of our recent themes was Famous Movie Cocktails. I spent hours looking up drinks made famous in movies and finding new ways to liven them up and take a unique approach to making it. The French 75 from Casablanca where we added a homemade blueberry lavender syrup (inspired by the lavender fields of France) made for an astounding cocktail. I do my best to be informative and entertaining while also ensuring they’re learning the new techniques of making some really delicious cocktails. Where else can you learn about a famous Roman Empress while making a drink I created in her honor? I’ll tell stories, make some corny jokes, and maybe even surprise you with something you didn’t know before walking in the door. On top of the drinks, our guests all get the opportunity to order one of our delicious appetizers. It makes for a well balanced event that is relaxed and casual.”

Q: What is your favorite drink to make if you had to only choose ONE and why?

A: “Only one…really? Pfft. Fine. Blood Orange Whiskey Sour (made as it should be, with an egg white.)”

Q: Why should people come check out Shift Lounge if they haven’t already?

A: “In my humble opinion, it is the sort of place I would want to go if I was having a night out. The atmosphere is cool and sexy without being pretentious or overdone. We’re quietly confident; not arrogant. The food is so damn good and while I may be slightly biased, I think the drinks are some of the best you’ll find. We’re open Wednesday through Sunday. I can usually be found behind the bar on a Friday night (and some Saturdays). I LOVE when guests simply request a flavor or give an idea of what they might want and we get to play and experiment with different drinks. Being able to introduce people to new approaches to cocktails and liquors is a true passion of mine.”

Q: What is your favorite ingredients to use in a cocktail and why?

A: “Egg whites. Hands down my favorite. The rest of the team at Shift lovingly pokes fun at my bowl of eggs I have by my well every night. It is a classic ingredient that makes the drink silky and smooth. It gives this beautiful, frothy head that makes the drink look striking and different. I do love when a guest recoils at the thought of an egg white in their drink. That simply means they haven’t tried one yet and we get to give it a shot!”

Follow Kaps instagram page for upcoming announcements and classes: @kaps_pour_decisions and catch him behind the bar at Shift Plymouth every Friday night and every other Saturday.

About Shift Kitchen and Cocktails:

Shift is a romantic lounge focused on craft cocktails and gourmet shareables. They feature an extensive wine list and pride themselves in great and knowledgable service and fresh ingredients. Each fruit juice and purée is made fresh in-house daily. With one of the best happy hours in town, you can enjoy 40% off food, 50% off our house vodka and 30% off all wine each day from 5pm-7pm!

Shift lounge is located at 340 N Main St. Plymouth, MI 48170. The hours of operation are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 5pm-11pm and Friday’s and Saturday’s 5pm-12am.

To book a reservation or private event call 1-(734)-404-6567

For more information on the restaurant click here.

Instagram: @shift.plymouth

Article by Selah Christeen

Photos by Nicole St. John

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