For those who don’t know my boyfriend is Filipino. The other day he texted me asking me if I can make this traditional dish that he hasn’t had since he was little. I replied with “uhh I mean I can try.” I’ve never even heard of the dish, let alone tried to make it. This is one of the many reasons why Pinterest is my best friend. With a little help from that and putting my own spin on things I nailed it, well so my boyfriend says. The soup is actually very easy to make and only takes a… View Post

About two weeks ago my family and I headed North to Bellaire, MI to shanty creek resorts.  My aunt wanted to do a ski and snowboard trip for her birthday so my boyfriend and I, my stepdad and mom, aunt and uncle packed up the cars and headed out 3 hours away. The resort was beautiful just like something you would see in a movie. We had our own cabin with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and an upstairs loft. We even had a wrap around deck and fireplace. Super cozy! We went the second week in January and it… View Post

|one|Two|Three|Four|Five|Six|Seven|Eight|Nine|Ten Christmas is over and I don’t know about you guys but winter becomes long and unbearable for me after the holiday’s. The only good thing about these cold months is getting to dress cute and chic. I’ve put together a list of some amazing finds for you guys that I hope you enjoy! xoxo, -Sélah Faux fur cut-off gloves: The colors in these just spoke too me! I am obsessed! Plus they’re super convenient when handling your phone. Pink Burberry scarf: I’ve had my eye on this scarf for some time now. I’m thinking it’s going to be my… View Post

As many of you know I recently traveled to Bali, Indonesia with Institute of Code on my own for the first time. I have always dreamed and wanted to take the leap of traveling on my own, but was always too scared or doubted myself. It took until November of this past year to finally gain enough courage to do so, and I am so happy that I did! I think that everyone needs to travel solo at least once because it honestly teaches you so much about yourself. After flying across the world on my own I feel like… View Post

So before I even put together this outfit I was planning on wearing something completely different. I had on some black dress pants and a pink fur vest and some booties. After looking in the mirror I realized that was so not me! I am so much more comfortable in tights and a dress or skirt. I didn’t even look like or feel like myself. I’m so not a pants girl! haha. After changing and resulting to this classic black and white baby doll dress with some tights and my favorite Valentino’s I felt much more like myself. I was… View Post