How to Avoid Unnecessary Bills at Home

I’m sure we all wish we could stay kids forever, because to be completely honest adulting can really suck sometimes.

Bills sneak up on you. Part of being an adult is being independent, paying your own bills, and finding your own way in life. Unfortunately, that includes paying pesky bills that just seem to keep adding up. Between energy bills, student loans, WiFi, and unexpected costs like home repairs and council taxation, you might be tearing your hair out to find solutions for reducing your bills. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three tried and true tips for avoiding unnecessary bills, and keeping your pennies for fun and self care moments!

  1. Taking Better Care

In our increasingly connected world, we sometimes take our belongings for granted. This applies, too, to our homes. We can always reach out for someone to fix our problems when they’re broken, so we are more careless about how we treat our homes and belongings. Let’s try to reverse this behavior. If you take good care of your home, by regularly cleaning it, ventilating and tidying, you are less likely to incur accidental damage and have to call out a contractor to fix it.

For example, us ladies know that our hair gets everywhere – particularly in the shower. I am totally guilty of this! If you let all your hair go down the shower drains, you are looking at inevitably Clogged Drains which will cost you hundreds to have cleaned out. Instead, make sure you catch your stray hairs and put them in the trash, not the drain. The little things in life make all the difference.

  1. Checking Out Your Subscriptions

If you go to your online banking and view your current subscriptions, your jaw will hit the floor. The number of little things we sign up for, thinking, ‘That’s a negligible amount! No worries!’ Well, they add up. They add up big time. You might be spending fifty extra dollars per month on subscriptions you don’t even use – or have forgotten to cancel subscriptions you have stopped needing. Check out your subscriptions and save yourself those monthly bills.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Open For Promotions

If you thought you had the best deal for your phone bill or electricals, you might have been right at the time. But times move fast nowadays, and there may be better deals out there right now you never knew about. Always keep email alerts on for new energy companies or phone bill deals which will lower your monthly costs and help you save money for your future.

In addition, always sign up to bill companies who don’t charge a fee to leave. Then, you are free to go and strike up another deal with a better company who will give you more for your money – without being landed with an excess fee!

Adult life means paying bills – this much is true. There’s no way to totally avoid paying your way in life, but there are ways to reduce your spending and keep your money for your own prosperity and your own life!

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