Quick Tips for Getting that Summer Bod!

Hi guys! Recently my good friend Florena Sadik has been pursuing her goal of becoming a fitness coach. I have always admired her dedication to the gym and thought she would be a perfect fit to do a little guest interview here on my blog. I’ve sat down with her and gained some insight into what exactly it takes to get your dream body and achieve your summer body goals.



1. What is your current fitness routine and how has it changed over the past months? 

I was working out at Orange Theory Fitness which is a lot of HIIT work outs but the last 2 months I’ve been working on lifting low weight but higher reps to achieve a toned and tight sculpted look.

2. What’s your favorite workout to get your body ready for summer? 

Anything core related. I always look to get my tummy as flat and toned ass possible. There so many cool ones I couldn’t even choose one but planks will have you feeling the burn!

3. Any supplements or fat burners you would recommend ? 

I don’t believe in fat burners, but what I recommend  is some vitamins listed below and here’s why 

Vitamin B12 assists with red blood cell production, muscle repair, and protein synthesis, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough to support your training. Studies show this vitamin can be low in women who exercise frequently.


is crucial to strong bones, of course, but it can also help to balance your hormones and reduce muscle cramping.

Magnesium is vital for protein and fat metabolism and also plays a part in your immune system, central nervous system.

Zinc helps build muscle, repair tissue, and keep your immune system at full throttle.

Vitamins C and E both help counter some of the stress that exercise puts on your body. Vitamin E is key to reducing inflammation and muscle soreness, while C helps repair the connective tissue that is broken down during resistance training.

Collagen is key for healthy skin, but it also helps to improve joint function by strengthening tendons and ligaments.

Iron is essential for women but especially athletes, helping to bring oxygen to your muscles and organs so you have the strength, function.

4. What are your fitness goals for the upcoming months? 

I would have to say is my goal is to learn more about Pilates and how to engage my core more often in my everyday workouts.

5. What advice would you give to someone looking to enhance their body for the summer? 

Take the time to learn about what kind of food your putting in your body and how it can Benifit you or hurt you. What you eat or drink can determine what the outcome of your body will look like. Kick bad habits in the but and start eating right.

6. Are you currently on a specific diet? If so what seems to work best for you to keep your body fit? 

I like to keep my diet clean as possible and adding a lot of fruits and vegetables to achieve the best results and most energy throughout my day and work outs. My favorite meal prep dish is grilled chicken with cilantro lime rice with some salsa and blue corn tortilla chips 

7. What are your biggest struggles in the gym?

Defiantly focusing on my own work outs and not getting distracted. Work out buddy’s always help to keep me on task though.

8. What motivates you to work out and how often do you work out ? 

I love reading daily quotes, listening to great music and looking through inspirational pictures. I like to work out 4-5 days of the week but I listen to my body and make sure it gets the proper time for rest and recovery.

9. What foods do you stay away from completely and what do you recommend others stay away from? 

I stay away from processed food, fried food, lunch meat and dairy. I would recommend others to stay away also 

10. How would you describe your fitness journey so far. 

I’m learning so much everyday and I’m so glad to teach everyone else what I have learned or am learning to make a difference in my clients lives and mine.

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