Lifestyle: DIY Valentine’s Day Decor and Treats

Hello my loves!!

Regardless if you’re having your significant other over for dinner or just want some cute decor for your bedroom or snacks for your girlfriends, these V-day decor ideas and treats are super cute and festive! I put two of the vases (candy hearts and heart wand) in my room and brought the treats to my work. Everyone was obsessed with the treats! Also, the vases look so cute in my room for the holiday.

Here’s what to do and what you’ll need for each look and treat:


Centerpiece vases:

 Romantic glitter vase:

What you will need:

1. A large glass cake holder

2. A 4 pack of floating candles

3. Red glitter sand


1. First, dump the red glitter sand into the cake holder

2. Then, fill the holder with water. Some of the sand will rise to the top, but let it sit for a bit until it all drifts to the bottom and the cloudiness in the water goes away. You will also notice all the glitter from the sand will raise to the top, creating the perfect V-day look.

3. Light all four of the floating candles and set them in the water.

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Heart wand vase:

What you will need:

1. A smaller vase. I chose one with a smaller neck and opening.

2. Valentine’s Day M&M’s

3. Hearts on a stick. These can usually be found in the flower section during this time of year at any local grocery store!


1. Pour the M&M’s into the vase. This is kind of tricky since the opening of the vase is so tiny. To make it easier, try using a funnel to pour them into the vase. This will prevent them from going all over the place.

2. Cut the wooden sticks on the hearts a little shorter. They come on a very long stick and in my opinion they look better when they’re not sticking out of the vase so much.

3. Stick the heart wands into the vase and place it into your room or on the kitchen table for a simple, yet sweet V-day look.



Valentine’s Day inspired treats:

 White chocolate pretzels:

What you will need:

1. A cookie sheet

2. Wax paper

3. One bag of large hard pretzels

3. One bag of white chocolate candy melts

4. Heart sprinkles


1. Pour half the bag of candy melts into a microwave safe bowl and heat in 30-second intervals. Stir in between.

2. Once you have made enough chocolate for as many pretzels as you want, begin dipping them into the chocolate. Only cover the top half of the pretzel. Also, you can use a spoon if it’s easier. Then, place the pretzels on the cookie sheet layered with wax paper.

3. Sprinkle the heart sprinkles all over the pretzels.

cd4b55_67758343375e44f691e2484d8c92b90f.jpg_1024 cd4b55_0f0fa01e84434ed3b79ea8da34f2574a.jpg_1024 cd4b55_cb0120936eaa4b718c6a582be78e9843.jpg_1024

White chocolate kettle corn:

What you will need:

1. One bag of kettle corn

2. One bag of white chocolate candy melts (I used the other half of the bag I used for the pretzels.)

3. Candy hearts


1. Pop the Kettle corn and dump it into a large bowl

2. Heat the candy melts in 30-second intervals just like you did for the pretzels and stir in between.

3. Once you have melted the chocolate, dump it all over the kettle corn. Make sure you shake the kettle corn around so that the chocolate is spread evenly.

4. Then, sprinkle candy hearts into the bowl as well and shake it around a few more times to spread them evenly through out.

5. This will create the perfect treat for you and a loved one, or place them in separate sandwich baggies to give to all your friends.

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