3 Ways to Save Money During the Holiday Season

It’s soo easy to go overboard and spend an insane amount of money during the holiday season. I think we can all agree on that. Buying gifts for everyone you love and especially finding things you love for yourself can put a strain on your wallet but don’t worry, I’ve come up with three beneficial ways to help you save money this season!

  1. Save Money in Advance

This one is obviously easier said than done, but I promise you if you start putting away some kind of money each week a few months before Christmas to prepare for holiday shopping you will have a much easier time. You don’t even have to put away hundreds of dollars per week. Just by putting away even $50 a week starting in let’s say September/October, you will not only be ahead of the game but a lot less stressed! This way, when December creeps up on you you’ll be financially ready for shopping and not be scrambling for some extra cash. If you have extra money a certain week, put that into your Christmas fund as well. Your future self will thank you. Trust me.

2. Stop Impulse buying

The best way to do this is to have a plan and list of everything you plan on getting the ones in your life you’re shopping for. Without having a strict plan on what I want to get my family and friends I find myself buying anything and everything I see, whether it be in a store or online that I think they will like. What happens then is you will either later find other things you like better and have wasted your money on the impulse buy, or you will end up with too many gifts that were unnecessary. Pick out a few things you wish to get each particular person and stick with it. This will help you save money and keep from over buying.

3. Wait for Sales and Utilize Discount Codes

Every year there are tons and tons of sales on almost every website (my preferred way to shop is online.) By waiting for sales, especially during Black Friday or Cyber Monday you will save a ton of money. Every company will at least have one sale during the season to gain business, so make sure you subscribe to their email list to find out when they’re happening so you don’t miss out. Also, influencers all over the internet usually always have discount codes for certain brands and companies so make sure you utilize these because you can save a ton of money!

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