Tips to Help Refresh Your Wardrobe

Ever stood in front of your wardrobe and just felt frustrated? A lot of us feel that way when it comes to our wardrobe, and finding things are a little outdated. Here are some tips to help refresh your wardrobe so that it takes less time to have to pick out an outfit.

Do A Declutter Of Your Clothes

Firstly, it’s a good idea to do a bit of a declutter of your clothes. There are likely a lot of pieces in your wardrobe that you’ve not worn for ages because you’ve either outgrown the style, or they’re pretty worn out. The same can go for items that you might have worn in the past, but they just don’t fit your style anymore. Decluttering your wardrobe is something that you should do every season in order to filter out any pieces that are just not going to be worn any longer. It’s important to try and not stay too attached to things that don’t suit your shape anymore. You want to be able to approach your wardrobe with excitement, not with dread because you don’t think you’re going to find anything of interest.

Take Another Look At Your Body Shape

Your body shape is something that can change over time, and not everyone actually understands what their body shape is. As a result, you’ll end up buying items of clothing that just don’t fit your body properly, and that’s not what you want. That leads to standing in front of your wardrobe for several minutes instead of being able to pick out something straight away. So look at your body shape, do a bit of research online to see what shape you are or closest too and shop for that shape in mind.

Get Tips From Friends & Family

Friends and family are great at giving helpful advice, and so it’s a good idea to ask them if you’re struggling for inspiration. There’s a lot of opportunities where they would have seen you in outfits or certain pieces and therefore may have an opinion on what works for you and what doesn’t. You also might have friends and family members that are more stylish and fashion-forward Sometimes it’s a good thing to have brutally honest people around you.

Consider A Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is something that is a few different pieces, and that can be mixed up to create different looks. You can get some investment pieces for low prices, and it means that you get a better value of your clothing for longer. A capsule wardrobe is quite hard to do because it requires you to plan out your outfits and therefore find the pieces that you might be missing in order to change it up regularly. Think about what you need and start shopping with that capsule wardrobe in mind!

Refreshing your wardrobe is definitely something that can be done, so chuck out the old and bring in the new!

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