Transforming Your Looks Post Lockdown And How To Feel Good About Yourself

There comes a time when we can have a huge crisis of confidence and most of the time it’s down to how we look. It may be a fresh outbreak of acne or spots on your skin, putting on a few extra pounds so your clothing feels tight, or generally feeling low on energy and lethargic. We have all been through some big changes in our lives in the last few months. Nobody expected 2020 to start the way that it did, and with many of us seeking solace and safety at home, it is understandable that right now we may not be feeling our best. The salons closed their doors, the nail salons closed and we made a lot of banana bread and did a lot of DIY projects. 

Now things are slowly getting back to some normality, albeit looking very different, we can now start to make some positive changes in our lifestyle and start to feel good about ourselves once more. With that in mind, here are some of the easy things you could try that can transform how you look and feel.    

Drink more water

We are all well aware that drinking more water is a great way to ensure that we look after ourselves. It is a natural way to detox our body but it can also transform the way we look. Drinking more than two liters of water a day can improve our skin tone and condition, it can reduce fatigue and the after effects of tiredness and it can increase our energy levels. If you don’t drink as much water as you should, why not start now? You could easily make this change by having a bottle of water close at hand, reducing other drinks in your life such as alcohol or caffeinated drinks, and embrace water more frequently. 

Take care of your skin 

Your skin is a huge surface area, and if it isn’t in the best condition it can seriously knock your confidence. So it is important to address the situation if your skin is starting to lack that glow and healthy look. Sometimes we can just break out in spots because of stress, the things we eat and our lifestyles, and it is important to understand adult acne and it’s causes so that you can make some positive changes. Perhaps revamping your skincare routine could be the route to go down and there are some great products out there to try. Some of my favorites are Modere cellproof moisturizer, and GlamGlow thirsty mud.

Have a fresh approach to your diet

Your diet can make a big difference to how you look simply by eating a more balanced diet and cutting out the junk. Junk and sugary foods can really zap how you look, add to your spots of acne or generally put on those few extra pounds. You don’t need to go on any extreme diet, but it might help to reduce the bad stuff and increase the good. During lockdown you may have developed good habits by cooking from scratch, but that doesn’t mean you might not have indulged a little more in cakes or numerous bags of chips while binge watching your favorite series. Now will be the time to focus on your diet and make some positive changes so that you can start to feel better about yourself. 

Treat yourself to some new clothing

There is no denying that during the last few months you may have spent the whole day in your pajamas, embraced the activewear and slobbered about in your loungewear. We all had no place to go or anyone to see. But now that we can start to venture out of our homes more often, you may want to treat yourself to some new clothing. Clothes can be a great way to instantly transform your look. A new pair of jeans and some new tops or shirts could be a great starting point or even a new pair of shoes.

Focus on your mindset

We have all just been through a massive change in our lives, and therefore it might be time to place a little focus and attention on your mindset and how you’re feeling mentally. It is understandable to feel isolated and lonely. It might be that you feel like you have inherited a little bit of social anxiety because of the changes, or maybe a knock on confidence because you haven’t needed to leave your home. Take time to try and be with your thoughts and to change any negative outlook you have into something more positive!

Start exercising

Finally, exercise not only helps improve your physical appearance but it can also help improve your mental mindset. It might seem tough at first, but the feeling you get after the exercise is what encourages and motivates you to stick to it. Find something that you enjoy and benefit from and work towards some goals that you set. Many of us did take on more exercise during lockdown, perhaps in the form of a daily walk, but you might need to start thinking about new changes you could make. Following home workouts on YouTube could be a good way to start, as well as thinking about alternative methods like running, for example. The gyms or workout classes may not have come back just yet, but hopefully in a few months time, things will return to normal. 

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