Mother’s Day is coming up quick next month. I put together this guide for all of you who want to treat your mom to something great ( she deserves it,) without spending a ton of money! xoxo, -Sélah ONE|TWO|THREE|FOUR|FIVE|SIX|SEVEN|EIGHT|NINE|TEN 1. Smile brilliant teeth whitening kit: My mom and I have actually been using this kit for a while now and we love it! It’s super easy to use and you get the same results you would from the dentist right at home! *There’s also a chance to win one of these whitening kits. Click here to enter! 2. Floral makeup bag: Love this print and how cute and dainty the bag is. It’s perfect for travel and a great gift! 3. Chanel perfume: A classic and timeless scent. Any mom would love this perfume. 4. Cover FX face palette: I love the tones in this and it comes with a… View Post