Between photo editing apps, shopping apps and everything in between I’ve put together some of my absolute favorites that you need to download ASAP!

Snapseed: I love this app for editing photos. The brush tool is my all time fave. You can make your images super sharp and white or do any kind of basic image editing. The app is free and you can do so much with it!

ABH ( A beautiful mess): This app is awesome for designing pic collages, adding text and symbols to photos and even creating your own quotes or backgrounds. It does cost a tiny penny, but it’s worth it. I’ve been using this app for a few years now and I love it! There’s not many others that do what this app does.

Unfold: This is an amazing app for creating compelling insta stories with a great selection of templates. The font and color options make your stories super cool and intriguing. The app is free for the most part, but if you want even better options you have to pay a couple bucks.

Wanelo: Taking a break from the photo editing apps, this one is great if you want to spend all your money on unnecessary shopping! Don’t hate me, trust me you will thank me. The app has tons of faux designer items that look authentic for cheap, and tons of other home decor, fashion and beauty goodies you will love!

Planoly: The best app that I have found to pre-plan your Instagram feed. You do have to pay to upload an unlimited amount of photos, however, it is worth it and not that expensive. The app is super easy to use and great for planning out to see how your instagram feed will look before permanently uploading.

Picturethis: I recently discovered this plant identifier app and I am amazed by it! Having a garden for the first time this year I had no idea what the things growing in it from the previous owner were. This app allows you to simply take a photo of any plant, flower, weed or tree and it will detect exactly what it is. It even tells you the benefits of it and other useful information.

PicsArt: This photo editing app is good for adding things such as snow to your photos or lights and shimmers. It just adds an extra touch to photos in a realistic way.

This photo actually had no snow in it before using PicsArt!!

Werble: This is probably one of the coolest apps I have recently discovered! You can actually make your photos come to life. Make your coffee have moving smoke, the fire move, rain drop or flowers move. Werble truly takes your photos to the next level!

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