Getting COVID-19. My Experience

As if Tuesday, November 3rd wasn’t a stressful day enough considering this was the day of the United States presidential election, I also came down with the ever so dreadful COVID-19 virus. Everyone’s experience with this virus is completely different it seems, so I wanted to share my personal experience with you guys and let you in on just exactly how it went down. I mean I share pretty much everything with you guys right?

The morning of the 3rd I felt perfectly fine and thought nothing of it. Later on that afternoon I all of a sudden felt very defeated. I felt achy, stuffy and developed a dry cough out of nowhere. My immediate thoughts were not that I had the virus, in-fact that didn’t even cross my mind until the next couple of days. Each day I developed worsening symptoms that led me to believe I did actually have Covid.

After coming down with symptoms on Tuesday the 3rd. I started quarantining the next day. On Wednesday I woke up with extreme body aches, a headache in my left temple that refused to go away, chills and hot flashes. The next day (Thursday) The aches and headache got worse and I was so fatigued I could barely stay awake to watch a 30 minute T.V show. At this point I was almost positive this was not a normal flu or head cold, but it was Covid-19. I decided to go get tested on that Friday morning, which for those of you who know me know I have been terrified of the nasal swab testing and dreaded it completely. Luckily when arriving to the drive-up clinic it was a do-it-yourself test so that put me more at ease and it wasn’t as bad. Now, I waited for my results.

Fast forward to Saturday morning and 4 days into being stuck at home I decided to make myself a delicious breakfast to cheer myself up. I Made blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage and turkey bacon. I took a couple bites and to my surprise I couldn’t taste anything at all. I was mortified. Now I KNEW what my test results were going to be… positive. Aside from all of the other symptoms I experienced over the course of the week losing my taste was by far the most bizarre and annoying part of having the virus. Later on that night I lost my sense of smell as well.

It was crazy to me how every day a new symptom would appear. At this point I have had every symptom besides a fever and chest and breathing problems (thank you god!) It’s wild to me how the virus affects everyone in such a different way and how some people get by with no symptoms at all. For me, this was obviously not the case.

This quarantine was brutal. Back in March it was different because it was like everyone in the world was on the same page and stuck at home. Now I’m sitting here watching everyone live life while I’m locked up in my house which seems like forever. I’ve played hours and hours of the Sims, watched enough Netflix for a lifetime and even did laundry for fun. I’m definitely losing my mind.

On Monday night, now almost a full week into quarantine I got a text saying my test results were ready to view. Even though I pretty much already knew I had the virus my heart still sunk. I clicked the link from the clinic to find a large red POSITIVE on the top of the page. I have Covid. It’s been confirmed. Like most others I have no idea how or when I contracted the virus but one thing is for sure, I’m glad I decided to start quarantining the second I felt symptoms so I could be sure not to affect anyone around me or at my job.

It’s now Wednesday, November 11, Eight days into having Covid and a little under a week left of being locked up at home. More and more cases are popping up around the world right now and I hope everyone stays safe. I feel much better today, but I still do not have my senses back which is a complete bummer. I’ve barely ate in 4 days because, well everything tastes like cardboard lol. I’m hoping to feel 100% better soon and beat this virus.

Covid-19 is no joke as we all know. I hope you all stay healthy and I love you all.




  1. Joseph S.
    November 12, 2020 / 3:35 pm

    Excellent job Selah four years of journalism at it’s finest! Now write a novel! Grandma would be proud!

  2. Joe S.
    November 12, 2020 / 3:40 pm

    Excellent job Selah four years of journalism at it’s finest! Now write a novel Grandma would be proud and I’m proud of you. Stay safe ❤️❤️💪💪🌹🌈

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