I just recently got back from Maui, HI for my 26th birthday and all I can think about, well besides the gorgeous weather is THE FOOD! Holy cow was it amazing. Maui has some of the best food out of any of the places I’ve traveled with so many fresh ingredients and great restaurants, it’s hard not to be satisfied with your meal. There are so many places to pick from in Maui it’s hard to choose. I’ve put together an informative list complete with the best breakfast, lunch, dinner and best happy hour spots to help you out when traveling to the island. xoxo, -Sélah Breakfast: The Gazebo: Located at the Napili shores inn in Lahaina this small little breakfast spot is located on the most gorgeous beach overlooking bright blue water. Fantastic prices and the most amazing food is what makes this place a must! The service is… View Post

About two weeks ago my family and I headed North to Bellaire, MI to shanty creek resorts.  My aunt wanted to do a ski and snowboard trip for her birthday so my boyfriend and I, my stepdad and mom, aunt and uncle packed up the cars and headed out 3 hours away. The resort was beautiful just like something you would see in a movie. We had our own cabin with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and an upstairs loft. We even had a wrap around deck and fireplace. Super cozy! We went the second week in January and it actually was not busy at all so I would definitely recommend going later on in January or February. Also, definitely book in advance since the cabins do go fast. I would also say it is best to purchase your lift tickets online before arriving, it’s cheaper that way. You can… View Post

As many of you know I recently traveled to Bali, Indonesia with Institute of Code on my own for the first time. I have always dreamed and wanted to take the leap of traveling on my own, but was always too scared or doubted myself. It took until November of this past year to finally gain enough courage to do so, and I am so happy that I did! I think that everyone needs to travel solo at least once because it honestly teaches you so much about yourself. After flying across the world on my own I feel like I can do anything. It gave me a sense of independence that I didn’t even know I had. For those of you wishing to take the risk and hop on a plane alone, I’ve put together some tips to help ease the experience and give you full confidence. Make sure… View Post

I’ve been blogging and working on my Youtube channel for some time now. Lately, I have just felt kind of stuck and unsure of myself, which I’m sure everyone has felt at some point or another. I just felt like I needed guidance or to really understand exactly where it is that I’m headed and truly understand this business I’m diving into. It’s hard, this business I am in. It sometimes seems that nobody truly understands it or what you’re doing. You may even have some making fun of you or mocking your work. It’s important to know where you’re going and have a clear vision of what you want out of life and keep working toward that goal, no matter who you have standing behind you. This is my life and I decided I needed to do something bigger to reach my goals. “If you want to invest in… View Post

According to Marie Claire every .25 seconds a new fashion blog is launched! With that being said, there are so many amazing ones out there to fit everyones personal style and liking. I’m always searching for new blogs and interesting people to follow that have similar interests as me. As a blogger myself it truly inspires me when reading other peoples work, to both pull ideas from them or just simply for motivation. There are so many bloggers deserving of their following and in this post I want to share with you all some of my favorite ones at the moment. Each blogger is unique and creative in their own way. From amazing travel photos to great writing and beautifully designed pages each of these are a must for you to check out!     Travel: https://mylifesamovie.com/  If you’re thinking about solo traveling this is the blog for you! Alyssa Ramos… View Post