Whether you think V-Day is just a stupid Hallmark holiday or not, your girl will surly appreciate any of these gifts. Valentine’s Day is always a difficult day to shop for because if you don’t want to just gift your significant other with flowers in chocolate but want a little more, it can be frustrating. You want to show her how much she means to you but the gift doesn’t always have to be extravagant. I’ve put together a list of gifts for under $100 that any girl would LOVE. ONE|TWO|THREE|FOUR|FIVE|SIX|SEVEN|EIGHT|NINE|TEN Tory Burch Studs: These are the perfect little designer gift for the holiday. Perfect for everyday and/or a special occasion. Heart and Arrow Ring: I love this little ring. There’s something about a ring on Valentine’s day, or any jewelry for that matter that just means so much. Robe: You can never go wrong with a cozy robe for… View Post

Christmas is next week! That is so crazy to me! Usually every year I’m pretty prepared and would normally have all of my shopping done. This year, however, not so much. If you’re struggling like me to get gifts for the women in your life, mom, aunt friends, etc., or just looking for some last minute stocking stuffers then I ope you find this guide helpful! Pretty much all of the things I included will ship very fast if ordering online. Happy Shopping ! 1: Victorias Secret Shorts 2: Lush Bathbombs 3: Henri Bendel Travel Bag 4: Rose Gold Wine Glasses 5: Ugg Socks 6: Diamond Earrings 7: Blush Laptop Backpack 8: Cover FX Glow Set 9: First-Aid Beauty Skincare Pack 10: Copper Baking Set 11: Flat Iron

  I can’t believe my favorite day is already here again! Cyber Monday is when I do pretty much all of my Christmas shopping for friends and family and…myself haha! I’ve never quite jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon nor do I plan to so Cyber Monday has always been a favorite of mine. I love cuddling up on the couch with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate all day and online shopping. It’s like my own little tradition. I literally make the whole day out of it. This year is a little bit different, however because I am in Bali for a social media course. You better believe I am still online shopping even from Bali, though. The only difference is instead of my couch I’m laying by the pool. I definitely can’t complain! This is a dream. I wanted to list some of the things I’m planning… View Post

Unlike a lot of bloggers and Youtuber’s I do not have the luxury of being able to do this full time…yet! For now, I work harder than ever balancing two jobs during the week. I am a server on the weekends and work diligently on my blog and Youtube channel Monday-Wednesday. Of course with long hours and a lot of work comes stress and sleep deprivation but it doesn’t always have to be that difficult if you set your mind to your goals and maximize your time. The most important tip I have for those of you striving to become a blogger or Youtuber full time is to treat your dream job like your real job. Even if you’re only making ends meat or making nothing at all from your blog or channel, you must still treat it as if it’s just as important as your other job. With that mindset… View Post

According to Marie Claire every .25 seconds a new fashion blog is launched! With that being said, there are so many amazing ones out there to fit everyones personal style and liking. I’m always searching for new blogs and interesting people to follow that have similar interests as me. As a blogger myself it truly inspires me when reading other peoples work, to both pull ideas from them or just simply for motivation. There are so many bloggers deserving of their following and in this post I want to share with you all some of my favorite ones at the moment. Each blogger is unique and creative in their own way. From amazing travel photos to great writing and beautifully designed pages each of these are a must for you to check out!     Travel: https://mylifesamovie.com/  If you’re thinking about solo traveling this is the blog for you! Alyssa Ramos… View Post