Army Print and Faux-Suede: Summer to Fall Fashion #ootd

Hi girls! I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve posted an actual #ootd on my blog! Now that I have finally found a photographer who I trust and love I will definitely be doing a lot more of them, which I’m super excited about! I hope you all enjoy and that this post gets you excited for all of the fall fashion and trends to come.

Don’t let the boots, jacket and suede skirt fool you, it was freakin 90 degrees and it’s almost September here in Michigan!! No matter how hot the weather was though, I still loved this outfit so much. I think it’s perfect for the fall to summer weather transition, because it’s not too cold for the skirt, but just cool enough to throw on and layer the button-up jacket. Theres just something so chic about the girly peplum faux-suede skirt paired with the tomboy-ish army jacket.

I will have all outfit details linked at the end of this post!

I decided to pair just some simple diamond rings with the look, since I already had so many materials and prints going on I thought it would be best to keep the jewelry nice and clean looking. Also, for those of you wondering my nail polish is actually shellac and I have no idea what the name of it is because it was not in English… sorry!

Not going to lie, at first I was unsure of these boots, but now I ADORE them. They are completely uncomfortable but I can get past that because of how cute they are. I feel like they pulled this look together so well and kept it both trendy and stylish.

Obsessed is an understatement for these sunglasses. They go with any look and I love the ombré tones in them.


All of my photos were taken from my good friend Sonja. Find her Facebook here. She does amazing work!

Shop my outfit here:


Skirt: (Similar)

Boots: (Similar)

Sunglasses: (ON SALE!)

Rose Gold Ring



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